Whats in the BUZZ

Organic Tropical Bees wax


     Our beeswax comes from beekeepers,who harvests excess beeswax from the bee hives, which are placed around the agricultural farms in the southern part of India. The bees visit several different kinds of flowers to collect honey which are blooming all year long in the tropical climate. The glands of bees convert the sugar contents of honey into wax,which gives the beeswax a mild sweet smell. One of the primary flowers that our bees are known to visit are the Moringa flowers. They have numerous health benefits and we believe it makes our wax superior.

Organic Printed cotton Fabric(GOTS certified)
Why organic cotton is very important to us?

   Cotton is a pesticide-intensive crop. It consumes 16% of all the insecticides and 6.8% of all herbicides used worldwide. These pesticides are washed out of soils, and pollute rivers and groundwater.

   We source our fabric from GOTS certified and OEKO TEX-Standard 100 manufacturers who follows Fair trade practices. Our Organic cotton is grown with zero chemical fertilizers and zero pesticides. It grows with less water and strengthens the soil.A perfect fit for our wraps, as our primary focus is to avoid harmful elements and preserve our planet while we save our food!

Organic Virgin Coconut oil

     Extracted from fresh coconut milk without the use of any chemicals or heat to ensure that all the micro-nutrients and antioxidants in the coconuts are retained along the natural aroma and is non greasy. Added benefits-Antiviral,antifungal,antibacterial etc which is a huge yes from our wraps.

The Himalayan Pine Rosin

        The rosin is extracted from the liquid pine resin from the Himalayan pine trees. Rosin has a number of uses such as a glazing agent in medicines and chewing gum etc. In our wraps the rosin gives us a slightly clingy feel which helps us to seal our wraps to our foods and bowls.We take extra care to make sure our wraps are not too sticky to the touch.They have just the right amount of stickiness,which is sufficient to stick on to the dishes as well as to itself,so we don't get the gross sticky feel on our hands.

Organic Lemon and Lemongrass Essential oils.

        Using Buzze doesn't have to be bland and boring.So we incorporated some amazingly scented Lemon and Lemongrass essential oils which also adds bonus points to our wraps with their antifungal, antibacterial properties.Win Win!

      Now your food will smell just like food,with a tinch of lemony flavor!!