About Us

Did you know that one third of all food made for human consumption ends up as waste ? This made us realize the importance of holding on to the food that we don’t finish.


Like most families, we end up with our fair share of leftovers. Instead of throwing food away, our fridge became a potpourri of sorts, decorated with half sandwiches, the last quarter of an onion, etc. -- you get the idea.


While I felt better about the food we were saving, I started to notice just how much plastic was being thrown out. Plastic shopping bags, plastic wrap, plastic zip bags, old plastic tupperware, the list goes on and on.


We were creating less food waste, but in doing so we were creating more plastic waste!


There had to bee a better way…


Obviously, I was inspired by my Dad who wove cotton in India for more than 40 years and my mom, who used that fabric to cover jars and bag produce. Seeing how my family had already started creating a reusable solution, I tried my hand at one more step: adding beeswax!


When coated with beeswax, organic cotton cloth will become an all natural alternative to plastic wrap. Not only can it be used over and over again (up to 200 times even), at the end of its useful life our wraps are completely compostable! Its time to say goodbye wasteful plastic wraps and bags!


Here at Buzzee, we’re committed to helping you preserve your food AND the planet. We’re a family owned and operated business - Our designs are inspired by the drawings of our daughter who is an artistic 4th grader and we work hard to recreate it in our fabric patterns! Our team who makes the wraps are all very passionate about the environment as well as first generation grad students and we are very proud to support their tuition.