We are a women owned small business in the Peach State - Georgia!

Our Story

Buzzee founder, Pushpa Santhosh moved to the USA in 2011. As a mother to a lively 2-year-old, she embraced every day in her new home with open arms. Yet, the calling to make a difference was stronger than ever.

As she stood in her kitchen, observing the growing waste pile of cling wraps, milk cartons, and leftovers, she knew she needed a fun, sustainable solution. And she knew it had to be rooted in her family's own fabric, woven lovingly for more than 40 years.

Working closely with her parents and a dedicated team of 11 first-generation college graduates from their neighborhood in India, Buzzee crafted its first product- the beeswax wrap - these wraps were a breath of fresh air since its launch in 2018

Each Buzzee Beeswax Wrap showcases vibrant colors that capture the essence of our brand. But wait, there's an even more unique twist! Our founder's daughter, Hershey, is now a freshman in high school. She has always had a natural talent for art and puts her heart into every pattern, since she was 8. From her creative mind to your cozy kitchen - Buzzee wraps represent a family's dedication to a brighter, greener future.

The journey, however, hasn't always been smooth sailing. Like many other small businesses, Buzzee has weathered the storm of the Covid pandemic and navigated uncharted waters. Yet, we emerge from these challenges stronger than ever.Today, we've expanded our product line to include sustainable home goods like double-sided towels made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

From our humble beginnings with beeswax wraps to our innovative double-sided towels, Buzzee is the one-stop shop for your sustainable home needs. As our story unfolds, we take pride in knowing that we have diverted over 130 million single-use plastics from landfills.

Buzzee's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and love for the environment - all wrapped up in a vibrant, playful, and sustainable package. As you unbox these beautiful products, you're not just embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle but also becoming a part of a global family devoted to a zero-waste future.

Our core values include