Should I wash my buzzee before using?
Yes,it is recommended to wash your buzzee's before using.

How to wash my buzzee wrap?

Hand Wash your buzzees only with COOL water. Warm/Hot water will melt the beeswax,making it into small white crumbles on the fabric. You can also use a soft sponge with a drop of mild dish soap.
Secret Tip: When you wash it right away after using,you may not need the dish soap at all!

I just received my buzzee ,why is it hard / stiff / sticky out of the box?
It depends on the temperature,where the buzzee was stored while making its way to you. Once you unfold and separate,the wraps will get softer from the warmth of your hands. If you still feel its a bit stiff,wash them in cool water and air dry. Buzzee will be more softer,the more it is used,just like a good cotton shirt.

How to cover a bowl with my buzzee?
Place the appropriate sized buzzee on the bowl. While pressing firmly,pull the wrap tight over the edge of the bowl. Continue until the bowl is fully covered. This motion will release the Beeswax on the wrap from the warmth of your hands. Once you pop it in the fridge,the wax will set again and hold its seal.

Can I store warm/hot food with the buzzee?
No,the heat from the warm/hot food will melt the beeswax. So it is only recommended to store cold/room temperature food.

How about storing meat products?
Buzzee wraps are not recommended for storing meat products and raw eggs.

Why do I smell Lemon when opening my buzzee package?
Using Buzzee doesn't have to be bland and boring.So we incorporated some amazingly scented Lemon and Lemongrass essential oils which also adds bonus points to our wraps with their anti fungal & antibacterial properties .Now your food will smell just like food,with a tinch of lemony flavor!!