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Plain Cotton Bag

Plain Cotton Bag

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“These bags are fantastic on so many levels! They save our planet from plastic AND they really do help produce last A LOT longer and keep it much fresher than plastic bags.” - Nina, Buzzee Customer


  • Made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified 100% Organic cotton.
  • Easy to bag your produce or bulk food items like beans, nuts etc at your grocery store.
  • Convenient to strain your nut/rice milk.
  • Keeps food fresher for a long time as opposed to airtight plastic wraps, bags and containers.
  • Versatile storage options.
  • Great for gifting. 


Plain: 4 Bags XS- 6”X8”  S - 8”X10”  M - 10”X13’’   L- 13”X17”’ 

Printed: 3 Bags 10"X13" - Avocado, Onion, Apple


Care: Hand wash with detergent. Air dry

Material: 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified organic cotton

Buzzee is a registered U.S business based in the peach state - Georgia!


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